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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

ADVENTURE Set To Return!

One of the questions I keep getting asked is whether if,with all the new BTCG projects,Black Tower Adventure [first published 25 years ago] is no more?

Have no fear,it may have been sporadically published over the last few years but it's back in June!

As the minimum page count is now 68 pages there are more pages to fill. So,from volume 2 number 1 on,each issue will feature a special feature length strip of 20 pages plus! no.1 is Thaddeus Twatt and The Twatt-verse!

In issue no.2 it will be The Supernaturals and after'll have to wait and see!

Included in no.1,though,will be the never-before-seen Dr Sorrow And The Yucatan Mummy as well as The Return of Dr LeFun,The Day Of The Yucca and Kotar and Sabuta. Also,as you'll note,China's Premiere Super Hero squad The Phoenix Team -all 14 pages in one issue building up to a whole new series in 2011!

So,here you are -an exclusive peek at the cover. Save your pennies!


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