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Friday, 25 November 2011

Spliffy The Stoner Chick

Spliffy The Stoner Chick!
Gabbys comics
John A. Short (W)  & Gabrielle Noble (A)
full colour
ADULT (18) Only

One of the strips I liked most in Ganjaman and later the much lamented Wasted (the Taxman never gets cheated!) was Spliffy -written by John A. Short (who has been around almost as long as me…well, I don’t think anyone is that old) and Gabrielle Noble.

John has been around a good time now and his writing is great –Spliffy invariably ends up losing her clothes –making her the 21st Century version of the old Daily Mirror character Jane.

Gabrielle’s art and colouring works really well and there are added treats in this comic –strips such as Malice In Wonderland: great art and a cracking punchline at the end. And then we have Dope Squad…very, very naughty…but nice.

For a full colour first issue this is a great start and I hope this will become a regular title –at £2.99 that is cheap.

Ten out of ten from me.
To order (but check out the blog first for posters, t-shirts and more news!

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