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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

When WILL I Blog Again?

Posted To Face Book and the Black Tower Page

CBO attracted a world wide audience. I doubt this FB page will but I shall be posting videos of interest....if only to myself!
I was asked under what conditions I would return to blogging? Well, I've had a CBO blog since 1998 ~Yahoo 360~ then Freeservers, WordPress and finally Blogger. Total page views since 2011 reached 3,064,485 and 4~5,000 views a day. With a total of 5, 656 posts.
There have been 750 posts on the Anomalous Observational Phenomena blog and 261,126 views since it was set up in 2011.
The Golden Age blog also did very well.
So anything posted there went to Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, etc..
PLENTY of people saw the posts for the books, graphic novels and comic albums. Since 2011 I sold 10 items on the online store. THAT is a dead business. The publicity I get from re~tweets and other sites combined were something any person in business could only dream of but I have been at this since 1984.
But dead sales. Everything going on CBO I could keep in my head and cut out all the work involved. Ditto the AOP blog. There would be no change in how it affects me. Comments on the blogs are rare to non existent. So what was I getting out of it? No one wanted to discuss posts or even say they found a post interesting. If not for the stats I would have thought I was the only one on these blogs.
I need to concentrate on somehow getting income. Believe it or not I do not get free housing, food or get my bills paid for me. I need to eat, For two years I was very open and explained the situation on the blogs. Big view figures. Nothing. If the comic and book buyers do not support a publisher then why should that publisher keep supplying free news and entertaining posts?
Recent nastiness within the UK comics scene made me decide. I don't care about those people but if I put in hours of work every day and nothing came from it...combine the two....time to quit.
If I can sell books or get paying work within the industry then I can afford to blog. That is when I would return.
So, please, if you see posts you like then click LIKE and PLEASE check out the online store.
Thank You.

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