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Saturday, 13 August 2011



Comica’s Comics & Conflicts Conference is to be held on 19-20 August, 2011 at the Imperial War Museum in London, and is aimed at comics scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Invited conference speakers and guests will include: Pat Mills (Charley’s War) & Garth Ennis (Battler Britton, War Story) amongst others. The conference explores the ways in which comics around the world represent and articulate the experience and impact of war and conflict.

Titan Books has committed to faithfully reproduce key works from British Battle comics, along with other lines such as the acclaimed Charley’s War series- now a best selling title among British graphic novels. This is an excellent time for articles on British Classic war comics.

The Best of Battle
Patt Mills, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra & John Wagner
Created and drawn by some of the biggest names in British comics, icluding Pat Mills and John Wagner, episodes of Battle’s most famous and acclaimed stories are reprinted in this value-packed bumper volume.
Nearly 300 pages of relentless action are collected here, from the desperate dogfights of Johnny Red to the down-and-dirty Rat Pack, the reflective, critically acclaimed Charley’s War and the uncompromising Hellman of Hammer Force!

“This is an absolutely splendid collection and will be lapped up by anyone with an interest in military fiction of any sort.” – SciFi Crowsnest

9781848560253 • 25 September 2009 • 288pp • £9.99

Johnny Red – Falcon’s First Flight
Tom Tully & Joe Colquhoun

Johnny Red: The Falcon’s First Flight is the first volume in an eagerly anticipated series reprinting the classic story by Tom Tully (Roy of the Rovers) and Joe Colquhoun (Charley’s War).

When pilot Johnny Redburn is discharged from the RAF for striking an officer, he is forced to join the Merchant Navy. But a German sneak attack forces Redburn back into the air — in a stolen Hurricane! Redburn aims for Russia, planning to save his plane and career, but on landing, meets the “Falcon Squadron” of the 5th Soviet Air Brigade, who are under German attack! Redburn takes to the skies once more — to fight for Russia!

“This book feels like a historical document and yet reads like the best of any boy’s fiction in any genre. Buy this book and enjoy the authenticity amidst the thrills.” – Weekly Crisis

9781848560338 • 28 January 2011 • 128pp • £14.99

Darkies Mob – The Secret War of Joe Darkie
John Wagner & Mike Western

Set against the savage realities of the Burma Conflict, Darkie’s Mob was one of Battle Picture Weekly’s most action-packed and revolutionary stories.  Showcasing the shocking humour and stark characterisation of Darkie’s Mob, The Secret War of Joe Darkie introduces this unforgettable story of a renegade captain leading a rag-tag squad of British soldiers behind enemy lines, to a new generation of readers.

“Vicious, bloody and belligerent…a dark, at times comically black story of the ‘Forgotten Army’ that doesn’t pull punches” – Comic Heroes

9781848564428 • 1 April 2011 • 160pp • £16.99

Charley’s War (Vol. 8 )  Hitler’s Youth
Pat Mills & Joe Colquhoun

In this explosive new volume of never-before-collected comic strip, Charley comes face to face with a young corporal who will eventually change the face of the world as leader of the Nazi party: Adolf Hitler. The eighth action-packed volume of Charley’s War is rich in the detailed minutiae of the terror-punctuated existence of a Tommy.

“Darkly spectacular…poignant and intelligently anti-war” — LA Times
9780857682994 • 28 October 2011 • 112pp  • £14.99

The Best of Action
Pat Mills, Gerry Finley-Day, Ken Armstrong, Ramon Sola, Tom Tully, Jack Adrian, Mike Dorey & Barrie Mitchell
Considered a seminal publication during its short run during the 1970s, the original seven-penny nightmare Action changed British comics forever and paved the way for 2000AD. Long out of print and highly awaited, The Best of Action brings Hook Jaw, Look Out for Lefty!, Death Game 1999, Kids Rule O.K, Hellman of Hammer Force and Dredger to a new audience.
9781848560260 • September 2012 • 288pp  • £19.99

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