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Monday, 22 August 2011

Classical Comics: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights - Original Text Wuthering Heights - Quick Text
British English Language Versions
British Editions (Cover price £9.99)
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Original Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-906332-87-7Click here to buy
Quick Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-906332-88-4Click here to buy
Previews Available (pdfs)
Original Text Sampler Quick Text Sampler
American English Language Versions
US Editions (Cover price $16.95)
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Original Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-907127-11-3
Pub Date:March 2012
Quick Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-907127-12-0
Pub Date:March 2012

Wuthering Heights

Emily Brontë 

“That minx, Catherine Linton, or Earnshaw, or however she was called – wicked little soul! She told me she had been walking the earth these twenty years: a just punishment for her mortal transgressions, I’ve no doubt!”

Emily Brontë’s only novel is famous the world over and is the favourite classic of many readers. It is easy to see why, with hardship, insanity, cruelty, frustrated love, and ghosts. What more could anyone want from a book?
Script Adaptation: Sean M. Wilson
Artwork: John M. Burns
Lettering: Jim Campbell

Format: 160 pages
full colour
sewn paperback
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Original Text (abridged)
Quick Text
Coloured (unlettered) pages:
Of course, when I was a school kid we never read the Bronte sisters at all. They were considered by educationalists to be “a girls books” and we boys had our own standard reading material.  I think it’s one of the things I appreciate more now that I’ve, uh, “matured” -reading books we were not allowed to or just didn’t give a hoot about back then.

Of course, the one thing that is consistent about Clive Bryant’s Classical Comics is the quality of the package you get.

The script adapting the book is spot on and well paced.

The art is…well, this is John M. Burns -probably one of the most under rated comic artists around.  Click on the small pages to get a larger image -if they look ultra-detailed and superb in this size on a computer screen wait til you see the printed page!  This is a master artist at work and if this doesn’t get you then get back to looking at match-stick figures it’s all you deserve!

There are the two versions, of course -Original Text and Quick Text. What this adaption does is bring out the characterisation and plot of Bronte’s which can be quite dark in places  with the sudden explosion of violence (I saw pages 44-47 and did say “Yiiii!” out loud!) . This was Emily’s only novel which is sad but, if you’ve read about the Bronte Sisters you’ll know their lives were bloody depressing!  Luckily, there is a bio in this book as well as a look at how page creation works from script to finished page.

Educationally, this is another book schools ought to have.  In fact, it would be nice to see every school in the country have a set of Classical Comics books.

After the incredible A Midsummer Nights Dream, I have to write that Wuthering Heights is yet another graphic novel adaption that anyone professing to be a comic fan should have in their collection.

Check out the company site because if you’ve never read a Classical Comics book then you are missing out.  seriously.

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