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Friday, 15 April 2016

Comic Bits Fanzine...No More!

This is what the cover WOULD have looked like. Why "would"? Ask lulu the print feck up people.

I spent most of today converting colour images to b&w, re-editing, etc.

Exactly the same as when I produce text books.

I use Word Doc which is what they recommend.

Everything is within a frame which I do not like but if you don't have a pdf converter...

I upload and get the message you'll see below. Transparencies? Images (all scanned at 300 dpi) HAD (?) to be adjusted.

I download to see what they have done. It comes down to text being moved up/down a page. I re-adjust my word doc to compensate. No. It happens again. And again.

If I could guarantee selling enough to make the printing costs back I'd go to a cheap printer. However, I can't justify £80 ($120) to print a magazine that, like my other books, will probably not sell or sell 1-2 copies.

So I've wasted a day. **** up my eyes and give up.

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