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Sunday, 17 April 2016

So What Does Black Tower Offer After 32 Years?

I wanted to write something but what with a mad squirrel and a rather semi wild cat I got distracted.  The squirrel is wild and the cat ain't mine by the way!

If you've ever checked the online store out, which I hope you have otherwise...why are you here? I've nothing to do with the old Black Tower wine so no free samples.  Shooo!! But, seriously,  the online store has a lot of books.  A lot.  Not just comic albums and graphic novels but also prose horror and fables illustrated by that fine artist Ben R. Dilworth who, as I state as often as I can, is the most under-rated creator around.

The mystery and wildlife books you'll know about -Some Things Strange & Sinister, Some More Things Strange And Sinister, Pursuing The Strange and Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint and The Bizarre Legends, Crimes and Truth About Spring-Heeled JackRed Paper: Canids is a culmination of 40 years of research into the history of foxes, wolves, jackals and other canids in the United Kingdom.  What one veteran naturalist kindly called "The most explosive book on UK wildlife I've read in 50 years!"

Then there is a deluxe A4 and profusely illustrated book with the best of over 30 years of comic journalism -The Hooper Interviews.

But let's concentrate on the comics here.
Thirty odd years ago I began putting together packages for publishers who wanted new comics. Coffin Blood for Fantagraphic Books was one.  Black Tower has horror, action, super heroes and more and enough pages of art to keep going for quite a long time thanks to Dilworth, Stransky and Labbat, Gavin Stuart Ross and others.

Our books are, obviously, black and white though colour art could be provided.  We do not, however, do translation. So, if you are a publisher and want material to publish under license -that can be done. Strips tailored to your particular country can be done -Black Tower has characters from many nationalities already.

Or, if you are a businessman wanting to invest in comics as an entrepreneur -just get in touch.

Initial contact/query by email but a formal enquiry by writing because we do NOT do business with anonymous people via email!

So check out our online store if you are interested in good quality comics as a fan.  Or, for that matter, if you want to see what is available as a potential publisher.

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