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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Eric Cantona Cost Me £100. Why I Hate Football.

Back in...1995 -whoa, that long ago!- I got a phone call and was asked by the editor of a magazine whether I could put together a quick black and white illustration for an article they were going to publish but their staff artist was "coming up with a load of crap to be honest"!

I said yes and I faxed through a rough illo (the one above) an hour later.  "That's it! That's what I want -send in the illo with an invoice!"  The next words were: "The fax illo came out crisp and its gone off now".  "Gone off now" meant it had been sent to be made print ready.

It was March so I was happy. Because, although I hated the illo, it was going to earn me £100. You never turn your nose up to money as a freelancer.

But nothing.  So I phoned up the editor who was very excited.  "The UFO piece is out -we're doing a lengthy piece on Eric and what happened!"

Who the feck was "Eric"???

Eric Cantona wins his appeal against his prison sentence for assaulting a "fan" at Crystal Palace in January, which is reduced to a 120-hour community service order.  So, he was a footballer who assaulted a fan on the field....he probably had a full bank account and food in the fridge.

I hate football.

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