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Friday, 24 June 2016

Welsh and English Voters Betray Country, Small Businesses and much more

If I was fighting and hanging on by my teeth to keep Black Tower going before, looking at all this now means and that all the plans for 2017 are out the window, I think my teeth just fell out.

The very meagre revenue from online sales just fell by £3.00 and it looks like worse is to follow.

If I can't get book sales now then that's it.  Almost 40 years for nothing.

To the Welsh who were getting EU money to keep the country going.  To the farmers who were getting millions from the EU and those on the flood plains who were soaking up EU flood money. Do not EVER expect even the slightest sympathy.

The fact that it HAS now killed Black Tower Comics and Books is nothing compared to what the UK is now going to face. 61.7% in Bristol voted to stay but look at the map. Disgraceful.

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