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Thursday, 28 July 2016


About covers it.  With CBO other people and companies are getting sales.  Many thousands see the postings about what I publish and do.

I have tried "apparel" design, T-shirt, mugs, pins and other designs, comic albums, graphic novels, real books with lots of real words in them. I've even tried single art illustrations like the Maakika Art.

NOTHING sells.

A few thousand a day see the postings and other items and while that seems to get other people or companies (yeah, like those companies REALLY need that money to survive).
Can't even get a table to sell stuff at the Bristol Comic Expo.

I get it. I'm one of the artists and writers who'll die poor. As my mum and grand mother said: "Born poor. Live poor. Die poor"! Seriously, if my stuff even sells moderately whgen I am dead I am going to (maybe) get very pissed!

I am not up-dating social media nor wasting more time on new art or books. There is plenty available and not selling.

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