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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Time To Just Make A "Thank You" And A Comment

It seems odd considering how Black Tower Comics and books has been in the UK comic scene since the early 1980s, but as I've noted before, UK comic events, blogs and so on have never supported us the way we've supported them.

Even sales come from outside the UK.  Below is just a snap shot of where the views for this blog are coming from right now.  See the UK anywhere?

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
South Korea
New Zealand

The UK is rarely noted as providing views to this blog. 

One of the reasons I gave up on the UK for 2016/17 is because EVERY UK comic event was 'fully booked' as soon as they announced bookings for tables were open.  Yes, Black Tower never even got onto the 'bidding lists' -Ebay applied to comic events is a very bad thing.

Not to worry, though, the same traders and guests get on to every event list and have tables.  Not fixed? Work out the odds of this EVERY event.  EVERY year. For TEN YEARS.  Fixed.

Couldn't even get a table at the up-coming Bristol Expo -not even a guest pass. That's life.

So sales and views of this blog (as well as CBO) are mainly from non-UK sources. My plan was to try to attend at least two German comic events in 2017, however, following the moronically stupid "Brexit" vote, it appears that even someone with German family and as pro-Europe as you can get has been tarred with the same "English rats running off" attitude. Not heard anything back from the German conventions despite emails sent.

Where does this leave BTCG and me, as a publisher?

Really, in limbo. Unless I can get out and sell books and meet people I have to rely solely on people buying from the online store and I've always been honest in stating sales from that are not enough to live on (and the US now hits me for taxes on sales!).

So I really, really do appreciate it that you visit this blog or buy a book. Because this is a very lonely place to be right now.


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