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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Have I Finally Given Up On The Avengers And JLA?

Justice League of America #59

For the past few issues the JLA story has concerned the nowadays godlike Eclipso. Remember when super villains just had to have a plan and costume.

By the final part of this storyline -part six???!! Everything was wound up neatly and the now overly familiar “I hereby adjourn the last ever meeting of the…” oh who cares?  We know the JLA is coming back so it’s just another “**** you!” to the fans.  How many JLA #1s have there been??

And that the launch of 52 #1s (don’t panic -not of JLA. That’ll come when a movie is due) is a bad joke that certain fans are cheering.  Schmucks. And who ends a comic on #59 rather than a rounded #60?

I’ve followed the JLA since the original 1960s series, then through various attempts to be more realistic and even humorous (gods help us but Giffen, DeMatteis & Co. are still churning that stuff out -last time via a string of Marvel mini series -they even wrote:”How long can we get away with writing this stuff!” -snort. LMAO. Not really) incarnations.

DC just seems to have lost its knowledge on how to produce good books. I really did not care at the end of this JLA whether everyone died or not -because they’d be back in a couple of weeks or so. And do I care that Golden Age Green Lantern has had to adopt a Parallax style costume in Justice Society of America yet in JLA and other books…well, he just wears the old costume?

I’d like to point out to DC that there is a thing called a “dictionary”. Look up the word “Continuity” -might be a few too many syllables for you but give it a go.

And then we have The Avengers #15. Part of the Fear (yawn) Itself rip-off.  Seriously, THREE issues of heads talking and the odd bit of action to stop you sleeping?  Who the **** are these characters talking to? Do I care? Not any more.

The Avengers (just like the Justice League of America for DC) was one of the flagship titles of Marvel -the other being the Fantastic Four.  Hey -a movie: let’s go Avengers mad. Aren’t there enough titles with various story and continuity problems out there already -WHY, as a regular reader, MUST I pick up one or two other titles to understand what is going on?

Seriously, I am sick to death of Joe Quesada in interviews and on TV documentaries talking about how the comic companies almost destroyed themselves through greed -variant covers and more. The ******* is sat there in control of the same thing!  “The days of being ripped off by having to go out and buy all the titles to read the story” are not “long gone.”

The art style and layout looks good. The story stinks.

You know, a store owner recently told a customer who said he could read a comic in a couple minutes because there was nothing to it:”I guessing they might pad out stories so its the right page count for a collected book?”

Wow. Fifteen years later you’ve joined the rest of us…though you aren’t quite sure.

About 15 years ago I cared about these characters but there is no continuity -they are not even the same characters. It’s “Make a fast buck and f*** ‘em -they’ll be back for more!”  And..yes, they do go back for more and cheer and waste their cash.

I’ve seen the DC panels at the Bristol Comic Con where the UK fans were called “unimportant” and the only reason the DC bigwigs came over was to see the set of the latest DC spin off movie. The fans laughed.  Any other country those DC reps would have been lucky to get out alive. In the UK we laugh while being insulted.
If you protest against something going on at Marvel or DC you get shouted down “This ain’t the 1960s, man!”  No, it isn’t. There were better stories.

My pull list is getting smaller and smaller and in the meantime DC and Marvel sales are slumping and they become dependent, hopeful, that the next movie will pull in the cash and save them.

I like to read a story with my art. Neither of these two titles provide that -the JLA just seems messy and end very quickly.

2011 seems to mark the point where I really care if Marvel or DC continue.  That is very sad because I do know there are many others like me out there.
Avengers #15

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