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Monday, 4 July 2011

Why credit Comic Creators In Movies -Do They Matter?

It’s still going on but what can you expect? According to the Gil Kane Unchained Face Book page:


“In case you haven’t heard, NONE of the creators of Green Lantern were credited in the feature film that was released yesterday…no “thanks” or “acknowledgement to the works of…” to Martin Nodell, Alfred Bester, Julius Schwartz, John Broome or *ahem* GIL KANE…so if you go, don’t sit through the long minutes of credits looking for those names…they’re not there!”

The page can be found here:

People need to really get it into their heads that creators don’t count. What counts to these corporate lackies at DC and their bosses are the $s. **** the Creators they might ask for money.  Seriously, one day those creators still alive or their families are going to slap DC comics -and Marvel- with one heavy, major joint legal claim.

IPC Media has theirs coming.

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