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Monday, 11 July 2011

Its Team Girl Comic 3!!!

b&w/Grey tones
£2.00 -JUST £2!!!!!
Order from:

Penny Sharp produces some really nice single page illoes. Like the style.  Gill Hatcher shows why its no good cuddling up to a robot bear and Jesty Pesty. Gill also worked with Mhairi Hislop to produce this issues cover which I really like but don’t ask me why -I never analyse these days!

Boosting his rep even more, Justin Bieber gets a mention in The Robot by Emma McLuckie.  Kids!!! by Sue-Yin Lau is worth noting as is Heather  Middleton’s ink-wash art in Honey Pears.

other contributors include Steff, Laura Armstrong, Evy,the allready mentioned MHairi Hislop, Pearl Kinnear, Karena Moore, Nondo and Kat Sicard. No really naff contributions so its quite a readable and enjoyable read.

I know if I write “It would be interesting to see Team Girl Comic Crew in Bristol”, someone will reply:”They were there in May”

But that’s my paranoia.

At £2.00 can you afford not to buy?  But.  Go on. Are you ordering?? Hmm??

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