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Monday, 23 February 2015

Ever Heard Of Dr Synthe The Alien From The Planet Mo?

Dr Synthe made only two appearances in Centaur Comics -Stars & Stripes #3, July, 1941 and Stars & Stripes #4, September, 1941.  The script was by Francis Campbell and Pencils & Inks Taylor.  Just who Taylor was beats me.  I've tried a search but no luck!

This is almost a Mr Impossible (Marvel -Fantastic Four ) type character and he does have a really impish look to him quite reminiscent of the GA Sub-Mariner.

His second outing was a doozy -maybe one day......I tease....I tease....

 Coming next........who knows?


  1. Agh. Sorry. Another Dr. Synthe note... in this story it seems like pages 4 and 7 are missing. It doesn't really effect the story much ( easy to imagine what happened ) but - well - just thought I'd let you know. ( the artist numbers his pages at the bottom - but moves the number 'squares': sometimes they're bottom right, sometimes left and occasionally they're centre left.) I do love this story though. Are there any other examples of this guy's work ? Taylor's art seems too good to just disappear..... anyways. Back to the grind - should be able to sart strip work again tomorrow ( Hallelujah ! )

  2. I've just placed them back again. I uploaded 8 -remember that on Mozilla Blogger NEVER shows me all the images in a post! seriously, Google does but I hate it. May need to change over. THANKS for letting me know. My eyes after the last week frazzled.