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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Blue Lady: Origins

Ahh , The Blue Lady. First time I saw this character I fell in love!  If they'd made films out of comics back then well it would be Myrna Loy playing Lucille Martin.  "Who is 'Myrna Loy'. Gramps?"

Damn you. kiddies! THIS is Myrna Loy!


Anyway, The Blue Lady made her first appearance in Amazing Man Comics #24, October 1941) and the script/art was all the work of Frank Frollo -as was typical back then.  There were three stories and her last appearance was in Amazing Man Comics #26 (the strips from 25 and 26 are in the Centaur Collection book).

But here is the origin of....The Blue Lady!

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  1. These are wonderful, aren't they ? Sure, racist as hell with it's portrayal of 'China-men' and their evil intentions... but of it's time, of it's time. We must never forget where we come from, and who we were as both a society and a world ' back when'. Reading this I was suddenly a kid again thinkng 'Gosh ! Really ? That's fantastic ! What next ?' Thanks for this, Terry.