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Monday, 23 February 2015

The Black Panther Strikes!

Now, this Centaur Comics character from Stars & Stripes, July, 1941, was one of those comic characters who appeared out of nowhere.  No origin.  No secret identity second appearance. Created, written and drawn by Paul Gustavson -who continued into the 1970s in comics.

Later on, Australian creator Paul Wheelahan created a Panther character -he drew his creation again in the 1990s.

"So what the hell has this got to do with Black Tower?" you ask.  Well, I was working on a third volume of Centaur Heroes but it wasn't to be.  I combined volumes 1 & 2 into The Ultimate Centaur Collection. But I do really love these characters and, yes, I really want to use them.  Maybe another Centaur book or included in another title  In black and white of course!

Now, I have absolutely no idea where all the scans I have on disc come from.  I was sent a lot my a German comic fan in the early 2000s but I cannot even recall his name.  Others have come to me via collectors.  But who scanned what??  No idea but I do sincerely THANK them.

So here is the Black Panther's first and only appearance.

 And how an edited page looks in black & white!

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  1. I love it because the character appears out of nowhere yet the villain knows him -hinting at The Black Panther being active for a while (but avoiding publicity). And that was it. Gone. When I get round to the character I think he'll have grey sleeves and tights -it gets cold you know!!