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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dalen Books Reminder!

I was thinking after my recent posting on Dalen Books (publishers of fine Euro albums in English and Welsh) that there are a lot of new people coming onto CBO who may have no idea what I’m talking about.
Nothing new there.

Druids : The Ogham Sacrifice
Authors: Jean-Luc Istin, Thierry Jigourel, Jacques Lamontagne
English adaptation: Lannig Treseizh
Number pages 98pp,
paperback, 190mm x 260mm
Published: Autumn 2009
Historical whodunnit for adolescents and adults
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-906587-11-6
The first volume of a gothic thriller series set in the Age of the Saints. There is turmoil in the 5th century Celtic periphery of Europe;an age of change at the end of the Roman Empire, and an age of conflict between peoples and religions. Oppressed by Saxons to the east, many of the Celts of Britain have colonised Armorica in Gaul, bringing with them the spiritual leaders of their
Celtic Church, the monks. The new faith heralds the demise of the old pagan way of life, but the ancient traditions still hold on. Gwynlan, the last of the Druids, and his apprentice Taran are caught in a mysterious battle for survival against the monks of the church, monastic foes who place dangerous and menacing obstacles in their path. Accusations of murder, sacrifice and sorcery are rife, but the old gods are at hand to assist the righteous.
Firstly,lovely cover.  Really cool.  Thought I’d get that out of the way before I got onto the interior pages. I think most people know that I’m an historian and the subject matter covers part of the period of interest to me.  So,naturally,I looked at everything to see how accurate it was!  The buildings,ships and so on are spot on.  The clothing and even the Roman legionaires outfits and weapons are accurate as can be.
What I like is that the art is so lush.  I spent more time looking at the art before I read the story than I should have.  But what the heck –comics IS a graphic medium!  Jacques Lamontagne’s artwork is wonderful and the characters he draws add even more to their parts in this mystery. Jean-Luc Istin and Thierry Jigourel’s story weaves together the mystery surrounding the deaths that open the book.  It builds up more and more until the final panel on that last page that makes you shout out;”WHAT??!! Wait –how long have I got to wait for the next part?!”
It seriously is that good a read.  In fact,in a while I’m making some “me time” to go through the book again!  You want fantasy,mystery,history and a whole lot more try this one.  And,if you are a war-gamer or RPG buff this offers plenty of scope to develop into a great game –or series of games [and all the figures needed are out there!].
10 out of 10

Y Derwyddon: Gwayw’r Goruchaf
Authors: Jean-Luc Istin, Thierry Jigourel, Jacques Lamontagne
Welsh adaptation: Alun Ceri Jones
paperback 320mm x 230mm
Published: 19 October 2009
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1-906587-12-3
Gothic graphic novel for adolescents and adults

The third volume in the Derwyddon [Druids] series picks up where Cyfaredd Caer Is ends.

Brother Tomos was murdered within the precincts of Caer Is as he translated a venerated manuscript indicating where the Treasures of the Britons has been hidden. Previously, and under the influence of the Potion of the Gods, the Pictish chieftain Talwrch had told his people where to hide these Treasures. These were the Cauldron of Rebirth which gave life and learning to warriors killed in combat;and the Lance of Lleu, the five-headed spear which always hit its mark. It is down to the druid Gwynlan to solve this intricate mystery, but lurking in the shadows are the Mother Church’s brutal agents, Rome’s Holy Vengeance. Their intention is to usurp the druids’ secrets, and use them to undermine the ancient rituals of Caer Is.

Ahh.  Now I have to say that this is a larger than A4 book which follows on from The Ogham Sacrifice.  I was confused when I read “third volume” and saw another cover in Welsh –that covers seems to be for the Welsh version of vol.1 so I’m guessing this is actually volume 2 and “3” was a typo!

My Welsh is so limited that I could not follow the story which is a pity as I was hooked by vol.1!  That said,you can follow the storyline because,obviously,being visual –well,you know what I mean.

The art continues to keep up the standard of the first and I’m going to have to start reading up on Lamontagne as he is,in my humble opinion,the “bees knees”;an excellent artist.

I’m hoping that,as there are Welsh editions,it encourages more young people to read in Welsh.  Barring not being able to read the text,everything I said about the first volume is true here –the opening fight is great:see –balding,middle-aged men can be tough!

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