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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sugar Glider

Image of Double-pack: Sugar Glider 1 and Sugar Glider Stories 1

£5.00 – On Sale

Surrounded by friends and family with it all figured out, Susie Sullivan is desperately unsure of her purpose in life. Casting ordinary pursuits aside, Susie takes to the Newcastle skyline as the crime-fighting…

Set in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sugar Glider tells the story of Susie Sullivan – an 18yr old with a habit of dropping out of things at a moment’s notice. Having given up on so many ‘dreams’ already in her short life, Susie is poised to drop out of college and give her mother, Brenda, an ulcer.

But Susie has a secret even more likely to give Brenda a mischief. Somehow, Susie has gotten hold of a high-tech gliding suit and is quickly becoming attached to it. Her late night crime-fighting adventures are becoming more frequent and more successful. But there’s something else about that suit – it bears a striking resemblance to the ones worn by MI5’s Vigilance project super agents. The same super agents who are being spread out all across the UK.

This discount double-pack gives you the chance to delve into the world of Susie Sullivan, Sugar Glider and the Vigilance project.

Sugar Glider:
“Truly the best Small Press comic I have ever read.” 4.5/5
“One of my favourite moments in comics of the past 12 months…quintessentially British and highly recommended” 9/10 –
“A fantastic debut issue of a new all-ages superhero” –
“I really recommend you buy it!” – Small Press Big Mouth
“Reminded me of those old classics Billy the Cat and The Leopard from Lime Street…a strong debut.” –

Sugar Glider Stories:
“Someone else said that Sugar Glider was ‘the best small press comic they had ever read.’ I wish I had said it, and I would have meant it too. I can, however, be the first to say that Sugar Glider Stories can take its place alongside the best small press comic I have ever read as every bit its equal.” –
“Some big league comic book creators do not even have this talent” 4/5 –

Colour covers
Black and white interiors
68 pgs

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