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Monday, 20 June 2011



While Gavin waited for the latest Chung Ling Soo script I needed to keep him busy!  And it just so happened that I found a script from 1993 featuring the UKs first supernatural sleuth/detective -Dene Vernon.
Set in the late 1940s, Vernon is recovering from a previous case when he is called upon to investigate mystery deaths in London dockland. Despite the assistance of one of the Silvermaigne family, famous werewolf, demon and vampire hunters, it looks as though the threat of Lorimed may be the Man of Mystery’s last….
Did Gavin want to draw it?  Yes! This 52 pager includes a text back-up feature.

So, for those of you who still haven’t ordered a copy (why not?) here are a few pages.
Art (c)2011 G. Ross/BTCG

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Not only does Gavin Ross edit the official Marc Bolan/TREX fanzine but he was the only person I ever met in comics who knew who Chung Ling Soo was!  A magic fan, Gavin originally sent me a three page Chung strip in the early 1990s and went on to draw Chung Ling Soo:The Curse Of  The Jade Dragon.
Gavin is currently working on the latest book: The Mystery Of The Thames Serpent, having just completed Dene Vernon:The Thing Below.
The 29 pager contains the original 3 page strip plus text back-up
Let the deception begin.
Art (c)G. Ross/BTCG

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How could Ben Dilworth, another legend of the British Small Press era, not do a follow-up to Merriwether in his own inimitable style and, in places, tongue firmly in cheek?
This 27 pager looks at the images flashing through Merriwethers mind in the seconds between life and death.
What prepared and set him on his quest?
All art (c)2011 B. R. Dilworth/BTCG

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Resplendent behind a cover by noted Bristol artist Paul Ashley Brown, the original tag to this collection of Merriwether strips was “This year the Church of England Goes Hard Core!” -it was pointed out that this might be taken to have a double meaning so it was dropped!
Merriwether, 6 feet 3 inches tall is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his younger days and his unquestioning faith in God leads him head-long into confrontation with ancient Egyptian deity (or is it?), vampyres, demons -including a whole English village full of demons and the dark one himself -a confrontation with Satan!
Originally a back-up feature in the Small Press version of Black Tower Adventure, like The Bat, the Reverend caught on and has quite a following.  The shocking conclusion to the series (never before published) had fans in an uproar!
58 pages including back-up feature.  Available via the online store.

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