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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Minck Osterveer on working in the European and American Comic Markets

with Minck Oosterveer and Jim Salicrup
Tuesday, June 21st

Admission: $5/Free for MoCCA Members

Sketching demonstration, refreshments and raffle to follow!

Join renowned “Nikky Saxx” and “Zombie Tales” artist Minck Oosterveer for an informal interview with comics editor extraordinaire Jim Salicrup for a lively evening as Minck discusses the differences, similarities and joys of working on European and American comics, his illustrative career in both, as well his recent work as the penciler on “Ruse” and Spiderman at Marvel Comics.

To say that Minck Oosterveer is a “zombie” artist is true enough… but is far from fully describing this wonderful talent!

The award-winning artist is known worldwide for a plethora of comic strips, movie work, and sequential art. Most notably here in the United States for such books as “Zombie Tales” and “The Unknown” with writer Mark Waid!

Growing up in The Netherlands (Holland) with European comics, he soon developed a strong interested in American comics, especially the newspaper comics of the 1930s-50s. It was the pulp-ish, direct style and the usage of black and white in realistic artwork that attracted him the most. Film Noir as it were.

Oosterveer’s work is strongly influenced by Milton Caniff, Alex Raymond, and Will Eisner. After working for a studio on productions like ‘Tom & Jerry’, ‘Sesame Street’, ‘Paddington’, ‘Ovide’ and ‘Spider-Man’, Minck Oosterveer moved more in the direction of another stylistic forte, working with Willem Ritstier on the series “Claudia Brücken” for the Franco-Belgian publishing-house ‘les editons Lombard’ and Tintin-Magazine .
The collaboration with Ritstier resulted in a daily newspaper comic in an American style, “Jack Pott”, published in the Dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad.”

Since 1996 Oosterveer worked again with Willem Ritstier on the newspaper comic “Zodiak” for De Telegraaf, and series “Rick Rolluik” for Suske en Wiske-magazine, and “Arachna” for ComicWatch-magazine. He did the art and story for the comic “Excalibur”, published by Enigma and artwork for a successful animated movie, ‘”Mario A”.
In 2002, Oosterveer and Ritstier started a new daily comic strip in De Telegraaf, called “Nicky Saxx”, one of their most successful comic-series. This was followed by a comic-series entitled “Trunk” (2006), which debuted to critical acclaim. Next they teamed up (2007) as writer (Ritstier) and penciller (Oosterveer) for “Storm”, a successful European comic series created by Englishman Don Lawrence,  and started a new western-comic,  “Ronson inc.” for the legendary Dutch comic-magazine “Eppo”

Minck Oosterveer debuted in US-comics with the aforementioned “Zombie Tales/ Zaambi” written by Cris Morgan and published by BOOM!-studios. Early 2009 until 2010 he collaborated with American writer Mark Waid to draw the mini-series “The Unknown” and “The Unknown: The Devil made flesh” which where published by BOOM!-studios as well.

He is currently working on two projects at Marvel Comics, which include “Ruse” and a Spider-man island adventure, neither are to be missed!

Minck will give a sketching demonstration following the interview.
The evening also includes raffles for merchandise from Eva Ink Artist Group. Three tickets for $5. All proceeds will benefit MoCCA.
In addition, a special print will be available only at the event.

Stay around for refreshments, mingle, and enjoy this unique opportunity for a cross cultural exchange with a consummate comics professional.

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