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Monday, 16 May 2016

Black Tower And European comic Cons

Having had one slap in the face after another from the UK , uh, "comic community" it's time to start looking elsewhere more seriously.

In 2017 I'd like to have a table at an event in the Netherlands.  I've no connections there comic-wise but it is a nice country (or was the last time I was there!). I thought a comic event in the Netherlands that was close in time to two in Germany comic events. The likelihood of that seems....not good.

But I'm being very flexible in my planning.  It may just be that Germany will have the only events I can get to and I'd prefer those to be near to or in  Lippe.  I've found no mention of a Detmold, Lemgo or Blomberg comic con but I may be missing something.

If anyone knows of any next year please let me know.


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