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Monday, 23 May 2016

Books, Online Store And German Events

Okay, Comickers, in the last week I've posted enough strip-work and art as well as information that if you haven't decided to support Black Tower by buying some books you probably never will!

Cool.  Not everyone likes the same thing.

But if you've seen work you like then please visit the online store and you should find all books there have a number of preview pages.

Now, on CBO and here I think enough has been posted about Black Tower and the number of visits per day shows that there must be some interest. So, apart from the odd Green Skies related item, no more pages of strip-work. In all honesty I think I could post Black Tower's entire inventory here  and get no real reaction such as comments.  Well, I need to make a living and the only way I can do that is by selling books.

Unless someone wants to pay to view online comics?

Over the years I've had maqny people say "I am going to buy that book!" and so on and so forth but do they? No.

Read the banner on the blog Header....visit the online store and you'll see that isn't hype. Independent publishers need your support because we are not Small Pressers who have well paid jobs or get funding from mom and dad for the hobby.  And we certainly do not have the merchandise or revenue of Didney(nee Marvel), DC, Image or Dark Horse.

Our livings depend on sales.  No sales is very bad for us Indies.  But you have to like the look of what you buy -which is why the store has the Preview link. We're not on Ebay or Amazon because Amazon and those others take so much that the publisher is -and I am not joking, I've been there- really giving the books away.  Diamond and Previews as well as comic shops only tend to want to stock the big four because they just do not understand Independents.  Ebay....seriously, let's not even go there.

So, Black Tower, like all those other Indies, depends on you.

Which brings me to planning for 2017.  I've covered all of this on Comic Bits Online so I am not going to go into all of this again but, UK events, have made clear they are not venues for Black Tower.

My idea was to try to get a table at one or more German comic events in 2017.  Not necessarily a massive table just one that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg that can accomodate an old English guy  speaking poor German and trying to sell his books. I wanted to try to find events that are taking place from June onward in the Lippe area. I can visit family and schlep my books around. But I'm not saying "only" in the Lippe area.

I'm told that Germany has a good transport system and so areas away from Lemgo, Detmold or Blomberg are of interest.  Just look at the map below.  Minden, Herford, Belefeld, Hameln, Hoxter, Paderborn -some of those must surely have some type of comic book event going on?  They do not have to be big events such as national comic cons. Hey, if I can get to them and find a place to crash out overnight I'll consider it!

And here I'm asking the many -and I do mean many- Germans who visit CBO for ideas -event links or contacts.  Whatever, I am open and I promise not to sully the name of your good town or city!

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