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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Zine Zone Zoot Suit Crew Faced Their Greatest Ever Challenge. Sort Of.

Back in 1987 the unthinkable happened.  The world of Zine Zone was shaken to its very foundation staples. The legendary Zine Zone Zoot Suit Crew faced the ultimate enemy in .....A. Critic!! The nameless, shadowy weaver of chaos.

Panting Pazzer fell to a bout of depression and an epic session of The Smiths.

The J fell into alcoholism.

Hooperman had to call upon the insane Doc N and myopic energy of Boy M!

The UK zine scene held its collective breath as Hooperman single handedly pulled together the next issue while Doc N and Boy M confronted A. Critic in his secret hide-away.  It was a confrontation of epic word balloons and those 3 pages (yeah, I know, but....) are now legend.

Cover was pencilled by Paul Ashley Brown and inked by the mysterious Julia Iz.

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