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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Initially, Freelancer (seen on Presents 1's cover) was to have been in Adventure but I intended that comic to be an ...adventure...anthology!  Presents was to introduce new characters and artists  -creators who needed more fine-tuning to their skills before they could get into the Previews Comic that was touted around comic companies as part of my work to get creators work.

Matt D'Israeli Brooker, Ben R. Dilworth, Philip Horton, Mike Hadley and others contributed.  But after issue 2 I decided everything needed to be concentrated in Adventure -and so it was to be.

Ben Dilworth recently re-told the origins of Runestone (as he did the star of Adventure Chronos The Watchmen -the name "Watchman" preceded Moore and Gibbons comic and both had copies of Adventure -I gave Moore copies of the comic and Presents at a Westminster Comic Mart he was at) in volume 2 of Adventure and the later Trade.

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