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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Have You Heard The One About The Iron Warrior's Chopper?

Behave yourselves -it's not what you think!

William A. Ward created the Iron Warrior during the 1940s at the height of the UK Golden Age.  However, Ben R. Dilworth has undoubtedly made the Iron Warrior of the 21st century his!

From Big Bong, giant crocodiles or alligators (take your pick) and even pterosaurs -the character and its creator/operator, Rodney Dearth, seem to attract any giant reptiles that are within a hundred miles of them.
Dilworth sent this rough sketch along with a letter a couple years back (or maybe longer) that summed this all up.

In fact, I tend to think that with all the little sketches and even a 3D greeting card, he's sent me, Dilworth may be having a little too much fun with a character that, up to the late 1970s, was recognised as the most violent character in UK comics -some achievement in the strict 1940s!

But how could I post this and not a sample strip produced exclusively for Comic Bits Online a while back?

And in case that has whet your appetite for some Iron Warrior versus Giant Gorilla action (before the book increases in price): here's the info you need:

                     THE IRON WARRIOR COLLECTION

Ben R. Dilworth    Terry Hooper-Scharf
Black & White
49 Pages
Price: £5.00 (excl. VAT)
In the 1940s, Rodney Dearth and his exploratory fighting machine known as the Iron Warrior left Africa to travel to South America in search of lost explorer Percy Fawcett. Along the way Dearth and Iron Sides tackle crocodiles, giant snakes, hostile natives and..Big Bong -the terror of the Amazon! 

 This collection presents a 1940s William A. Ward strip, Ben R. Dilworth's Big Bong, Amazon Adventure and a couple special pages, and Terry Hooper-Scharf's Black Tower Adventure strip The Iron Warrior: Jungle Terror plus text features! 

Is it any good?  Read what Joe Stransky wrote:
                     By J Stransky

"A fun read, and a real treat to see all the Dilworth strips in one place - including a few previously unpublished shorts. Also reading the Jungle Terror story by Terry Hooper in one sitting is a real blast - I often forget just how much fun it is to read these strips; they are almost 'trippy' in the way they weave humour and action. An all round great read. Recommended."             

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